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Dev Note #1 - First Look of REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM

Hello, Survivors.

More than two years have passed since we first revealed the concept image of our medieval apocalypse pixel-art tactical RPG, the project ‘Before the Dawn’.

So far we’ve established the base mechanic of the game, and fleshed out content that can generate the experience we were trying to achieve - a highly tactical game engaging to genre fans, while thematically immersive to give the feeling of being thrown to the peril of medieval apocalypse.

Now that our detailed narrative and gameplay mechanics are ready to reveal, we’ve decided to make the name of the game in the world itself : Remore, the Infested Kingdom.

So, what is the game?

At its core the genre is a tactical RPG, controlling three characters in a given turn.

  • Willam the Knight Errant, who protects the party with his shield.

  • Diurmuid the Outsider, master of two-handed weapons dealing with multiple enemies.

  • Edwin the Militia, supports other members with spears and bows.

However, we thought that characters should not be heroes with overwhelming power to support the theme. No magic, no superpowers.

What’s in your hand to beat the Infested are only the medieval weapons, so you have to always find a way not to be outnumbered.

Enemies won’t just stand still on your turn - they will spot the movement of survivors, then chase and grab them even when it’s not their turn. They are hidden in corners or behind unopened doors, so you have to always take a cautious step.

You can also use enemies’ line of sight and noise to trigger the battle on your terms. Throw a stone to attract attention or set up a tall barricade to prevent them from spotting the survivors.

On top of this base mechanic, the gameplay will be unlike any others in the genre : The tactical session is about how and when to engage the battle, and how to control the battlefield as you want.

We will keep it short for now, and introduce detailed features of the game along with the lore and narrative side.

If you’re interested, you can follow us on Twitter! Looking forward to seeing you again in this post.


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